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Coaching and teaching is something that come’s natural to our coaches. All 3 coaches, Natasja, Per & Yvonne (”Vonsy") have a very long background in many sports besides triathlon. All coaches have several sports-related qualifications besides being a triathlon coach, for example sports massage therapist, strenght background education and also they've been athlete's there whole life! 

Together they combine so much decade's of experience in the world of Triathlon and have developed themselves as great coaches with massive succes among there amateur and professional athletes. From Amateur overall IRONMAN World Champions, to national champions and even OVERALL Challenge Wolrd ranking Professional athletes.   

We all love speaking different languages Dutch, German, Spanish and English.

We work with both young and adult people and are always eager to share our passion and knowledge with athletes that want to achieve their personal goals and help them on their path to make their dreams come true. 


Yvonne and Per got married in 2018 and since then both continue there path under the name van Vlerken. Per has been swimming, biking and running since he was 7 years old. Natasja belonged to the best amateurs in the sport in Belgium and has been coaching even longer then the van Vlerken's :-) The 3 of us  share the passion and lifestyle off Triathlon and combine all our experience in this beautiful sport with the athletes of our FAMILY. We coach athletes in all distances of the sport from sprint to full Ironman races, duathlon, running a PB on your marathon, whatever it is that you want to accomplish, we can achieve this together! Natasja & Vonsy are specialized in coaching female athletes and Per has our boys under his wings. We are all based in Europe ( Belgium and Germany), we have several team get togethers mostly in the Netherlands, as 80% of our "Family" lives here and we combined are Vonsy's TRI Family, a group of truly only amazing people. We feel very privileged that we get to do what we do and love our Family.​

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