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Julias Neuseenman Race

My First Elite Adventure at the Neuseenman!

During the last days of the training camp in Mallorca, Yvonne came up with a great idea. I didn't actually have enough races on my schedule, so why not join the team event at the Neuseenman? I could ride with my teammate Ilona, and Yvonne arranged for me to participate in the race. Before I knew it, I was in contact with the organization and received a registration link. For the Elite category! How exciting!!!

After a busy work week, I packed my things and hit the road at 6:15 in the morning, heading to Almere. From there, I continued with Ilona and Dennis for a long drive to East Germany. We made a 'Café mit Kuchen' stop halfway and arrived at the hotel around 2:00 PM. This was also a first in my adventure: as an Elite, the hotel room was arranged. A lovely room, even with a welcome-race package on the bed. A quick short run (legs were quite stiff from the drive) and then off to Ferropolis, the race site. What an amazing and impressive place for a triathlon! It was much fun to see everyone here and get into the race mood, where teammate Ralf had just finished strong in the quarter distance.

The next morning, it was race-time. My first Elite start! From the transition zone, everything was already different. More space, a personalized name board, and other participants even came to check out our bikes. What stood out was how good the atmosphere was among the other Elite women. Very different from for example starting a premier league race in the Netherlands.

The start signal went off, and I found myself completely alone before the first buoy. No feet to follow and no idea how I was doing compared to the rest. Just hoping I wouldn't come out of the water last. After two laps, Yvonne told me I was in 4th place, with the 3rd place very close ahead! Wow! This already exceeded my expectations. The bike course took us over beautiful flat German roads. I quickly moved into 3rd place and managed to maintain it for the 93 km cycling course. From this point on, for me my race couldn't go wrong anymore. Proud of being in the middle of the race. While running, I had to give up a few spots to some fast runners! Considering the winter I had (I was sick a lot), I ran a half marathon that was realistic for now. I crossed the finish line as 5th female athlete.

It was a fantastic adventure. I completed the entire race with a smile and really enjoyed it. It was wonderful to experience what it's like to race as an Elite, with the encouragement of my coach and teammates along and on the course! Thank you, everyone!

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